Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In memory of Fathers day, I'm reflecting upon my own father.
My dad was my favorite person in the world. I was a "daddy's girl". He taught me to give to others, not to judge others, treat everyone the same.

On saturday mornings growing up he would have me donuts waiting for me from our old fashioned bakery...they were huge glazed ones...he always brought me milkshakes too...this may explain why i have my husband get them for me today.

My dad always allowed me to have dogs...and today i have FOUR....he loved dogs, and would just sit laughing at them.

My dad had a generous heart. He gave to everyone all the time. He loved talking to people and could just sit down and talk to strangers...again, something that I myself do.

My dad was a wonderful man, loved by many and missed by many so much today.

I know he's with me and watching over me and giving me his advice which is always my "gut" feelings about things.

So to my father, Robert Earl Craun, I miss you everyday and am grateful I was blessed to have such a wonderful example in my life.

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